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PHD in Leadership Studies

The Dallas Baptist University PHD in Leadership Studies is an interdisciplinary degree, requiring a minimum of sixty (60) credit hours of advanced study beyond the master’s degree: thirty (30) credit hours of core leadership studies (includes a 120-hour mentored internship); twelve (12) credit hours of research and statistics (assuming that a student enters with at least one master’s level statistics course); twelve (12) credit hours of seminars in one of four areas of concentration (business, general leadership, higher education, or ministry); and the writing of a prospectus/proposal and dissertation, for which six (6) credit hours will be awarded upon completion.  Organized both systematically and thematically, the study and research of leadership derives from the biblical, classical, philosophical, historical, and global dimensions of effective leadership. It draws from, and integrates with, the fields of business, general leadership, higher education, and ministry. Across the curriculum, the program includes several theoretical and behavioral cognates: applied biblical ethics, motivational communication skills, issues related to conflict and change, and the value of cultural diversity. 

Academically rigorous and creative, faculty and students engage the study of leadership as a community of scholars from business, education, government, ministry, and other disciplines. In addition to the semester courses, the program includes three summer institutes comprised of 7-10 day intensive sessions. The first summer institute is held in Dallas and focuses upon personal growth, professional development plans, and leadership courses. The second summer institute includes a trip to Washington, D.C. with a special emphasis on political and organizational leadership. The third summer institute takes place in Oxford, England, with a concentration on global and cultural leadership issues.


Prerequisite  - PHDL 7320 - Statistics I

(Prerequisite unless successfully completed at the Master’s level.)


Credit hours

Required Core Leadership Studies Courses


PHDL 7300 - Dallas Institute: Leadership Experiences and Development (LEAD)

PHDL 7301 - Leadership Through the Ages: Part One: Foundations – Theory Model

PHDL 7302 - Leadership Through the Ages: Part Two: Biblical – Servant Leadership Model

PHDL 7303 - Leadership Through the Ages: Part Three: Classical Leadership – Educational Model

PHDL 7304 - Leadership Through the Ages: Part Four: Political Leadership – Power and Influence

PHDL 7305 - Leadership Through the Ages: Part Five: Cultural and Global Leadership

PHDL 7306 - Organizational Leadership

PHDL 7307 - Leadership for the Future (Capstone Course)

PHDL 7308 - Readings Course: Great Books/Biographies

PHDL 7310 - Mentored Leadership Internship (S-L)

Research and Statistics


PHDL 7330 - Statistics II – Advanced Graduate-Level Statistics

PHDL 7340 - Research I – Research Principles and Critical Thinking

PHDL 7350 - Research II – Advanced Research and Prospectus Design

One (1) of the following qualitative courses:

PHDB 7315 - Qualitative Research in Business

PHDG 7315 - Qualitative Research in General Leadership

PHDH 7315 - Qualitative Research in Higher Education

PHDM 7315 - Qualitative Research in Ministry

Concentration Studies


One (1) of the following concentration courses

PHDB 7309 - Special Topics in Business

PHDG 7309 - Special Topics in General Leadership

PHDH 7309 - Special Topics in Higher Education

PHDM 7309 - Special Topics in Ministry

Nine (9) hours in one of the following prescribed academic concentrations


General Leadership

Higher Education




PHDL 8310 - Dissertation Proposal/Prospectus

PHDL 8320 - Dissertation

 (S-L) = Course(s) with field-based service-learning component.


Find course descriptions by category under the Graduate Course Descriptions section in the navigation panel.