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Graduate School of Ministry

GSOM 6310 (3-3-0) Ministry Mentorship (S-L)

This course provides supervised practical experience related to student vocational goals. Students receive mentoring guidance for hands-on ministry from a proficient veteran in the field. Students learn foundational ministry skills and improve leadership skills in field experience that tests their abilities in real life settings. Course assignments integrate ministry theory and practice, incorporating a service-learning perspective. This course contains a field-based service-learning component. The Ministry Safe Training Module requires a $50 fee paid by the student.

Requisites: None.

Offered:  Fall, Spring, Summer. 

GSOM 6311 (3-3-0) Clinical Pastoral Education Mentorship

In this mentorship performed in a medical center or hospice organization, chaplain interns and residents are given the opportunity to experience 300 hours of hands-on pastoral care ministry in an institutional setting under the direction of an ACPE Supervision.

Requisites: Admission to Clinical Pastoral Education internship.

Offered: Fall, Spring.