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Advanced Certificate in Discipleship

(15 hours – excluding prerequisites)

This 15-credit hour program is designed to provide students with a biblical, theological, philosophical, and practical foundation in Christian discipleship as they lead churches towards the fulfillment of the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20). The knowledge and skills provided through this certificate program will enable students to actively participate and train others in disciple-making through individual relationships, small groups, and church congregations.

REQUIRED COURSES (excluding prerequisites)


DISC 6301 - Christian Education in the Local Church

DISC 6302 - Biblical Strategies for Discipleship

Select three of the following:

DISC 5302 - Biblical Servant Leadership

DISC 5310 - Small Group Ministry Leadership

DISC 6304 - Principles for Bible Teaching

DISC 6308 - Disciple-Making through Evangelism and Missions

DISC 6309 - Equipping Disciple for Ministry (S-L)

MAFM 6316 - Faith Formation in the Life Stages

MAFM 6353 - Ministry to Families

WORS 6303 - Spiritual Formation and Worship


Find course descriptions by category under the Graduate Course Descriptions section in the navigation panel.