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Advanced Certificate in Reading Specialist

(21 hours – excluding prerequisites)

Teachers desiring to specialize in the important area of reading may pursue the Reading Specialist Certificate, an all-level (EC-12) certificate. The Reading Specialist is a certification recognized across the U.S. and many holding this advanced certification work as literacy coaches, assisting teachers with the implementation of best literacy practices. Teachers may add the Reading Specialist Certificate to their existing valid credential upon completion of a master’s degree with sufficient coursework in literacy, two years of acceptable classroom teaching experience, and after passing the Reading Specialist TExES examination.

To be eligible for admission to this program, applicants must hold a master’s degree from an accredited institution of higher education. A master’s degree is required to qualify for State of Texas certification. Successful completion of the Miller Analogies Test (MAT) or Graduate Record Examinations® (GRE®) is a requirement for admission to this certificate program.

REQUIRED COURSES (excluding prerequisites)


READ 5011 - Reading Specialist Seminar* (Required: Must pass this seminar to complete the program.)

READ 5331 - Reading in the Content Area


ESLS 5306 - Content Area Language Proficiency Skills

READ 5332 - Reading: Diagnosing and Correcting Reading Difficulties with Clinical Experience (S-L)


READ 5334 - Studies in the Diagnosis and Clinical Correction of Reading Issues*

READ 5312 - Reading Specialist Practicum (S-L)*

READ 6301 - Specialized Reading Assessment and Instruction* (Required for Master Reading Teacher)

READ 6330 - Foundations of Reading (Required for Master Reading Teacher)

READ 6335 - Curriculum and Instruction in Reading* (Required for Master Reading Teacher)

Select one of the following elective courses:

ECHE 6373 - The Beginnings of Reading and Writing

ENGL 5302 - Introduction to Linguistics

READ 5302 - Scaffolding Literacy Instruction

READ 5338 - Pedagogy of Language Arts


Find course descriptions by category under the Graduate Course Descriptions section in the navigation panel.