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Advanced Certificate in School Principalship

(24 hours – excluding prerequisites)

The DBU principal certificate program is designed for the candidate who already possesses a master’s degree and is pursuing principal certification only. This certificate program prepares candidates for all-level principal as instructional leader (TExES 268 and PASL competencies) certification and allows an individual to be considered as a candidate for a wide variety of administrative positions in a school district including assistant principal, principal, subject area coordinator, director, executive director, assistant or associate superintendent, or deputy superintendent. If a student demonstrates sufficient proficiency, course substitutions may be approved by the Master of Education in Educational Leadership Program Director. Substitutions must meet State Board for Education Certification (SBEC) requirements.

A master's degree and valid teacher certification are required to qualify for the State of Texas Certification.

Required Courses (excluding prerequisites)

certification courses

Specialized Preparation for TExES 268 and PASL

EDAD 6303 - Internship in Educational Administration (Spring)

EDAD 6312 - School Law

EDAD 6314 - The Principalship

EDAD 6316 - School Personnel Administration

EDAD 6389 - Internship in Educational Administration (Fall)

EDAD 6020 - Seminar in Educational Leadership

EDUC 6302 - Research in Education

EDUC 6318 - Leading for Learning


Select one:

EDAD 6302 - Advancing Educational Leadership (AEL)/T-TESS


Select from the following courses:

DLED 6302 - Designing and Developing Distance Learning

DLED 6303 - Teaching and Learning in the Online Classroom

EDAD 6315 - School Finance/Business Management

EDUC 6303 - Emerging Technologies

EDUC 6304 - Improvement of Instruction

EDUC 6310 - Foundations of Christian School Education

EDUC 6312 - Technology Integration in Curriculum

EDUC 6320 - Project-Based Learning

ESLS 5310 - Administration of ESL Programs

SPED 5310 - Introduction to Exceptional Learners

SPED 6320 - Current Trends in Special Education

Successful completion of the Miller Analogies Test (MAT) or Graduate Record Examinations® (GRE®) is a requirement for admission to this certificate program.

This study plan represents the credits necessary to fulfill the candidate’s DBU advanced certification requirements. In order for the candidate to work toward full state principal certification, the candidate must also pass the departmental practice test(s) with an 85% or higher before being allowed to register for the official state principal examination. In addition, the candidate must provide evidence of Texas teacher certification, and provide a teacher service record showing at least two years of successful teaching experience in an accredited public or private school prior to being recommended for the state certificate.


Find course descriptions by category under the Graduate Course Descriptions section in the navigation panel.