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Advanced Certificate in School Superintendency

(15 hours – excluding prerequisites)

The DBU superintendent certificate program is designed for the graduate student who has completed a master’s degree and principal certification and desires the professional certificate to be a superintendent of schools. This program prepares students for the Superintendent TExES examination. Successful completion of the Superintendent TExES allows an individual to be considered as a candidate for superintendency, the chief executive officer of a school district.

Special Note:  In order for students to be recommended by the university certification officer to be eligible to take the state certification test (TExES) for the superintendency, students must successfully complete the required coursework for this certificate program and pass the departmental practice exam at the prescribed level of proficiency.

REQUIRED COURSES (excluding prerequisites)


EDDS 7315 - Budget and Finance in Education

EDDS 7320 - Internship in K-12 Leadership (S-L)

EDDS 7362 - Human Resource Management and Development

EDDS 7364 - The Superintendency

EDDS 7355 - Advanced School Law

prerequisite requirements

To be eligible for admission to this program, applicants must hold a master's degree and a principal certification in the State of Texas.

Successful completion of the GRE is a requirement for admission to this certificate program.


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