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Advanced Certificate in Urban Church Leadership

(12 hours – excluding prerequisites)

Note: Church Membership Requirement (for admission into the EDD in Educational Leadership—all concentrations, PHD in Leadership Studies’ Ministry Concentration, Master’s Ministry Degrees, and Advanced Ministry Certificate Programs): Within the last 12 months, the applicant must have been an active member of a Christian church that holds Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and who holds solely the Old Testament and the New Testament as sacred Scripture.

This certificate prepares Christian workers to lead vital ministry and contextualized witness in churches located in urban settings, or to develop strategies to engage unreached populations in cities. As of 2011, for the first time in the history of humanity, over 50% of all human beings live in an urban setting. It is expected that urban dwellers will increase to 78% of all people by 2025. Mission strategies that assist urban dwellers to become new Christians and to relate positively to churches in their local communities are increasingly essential to the success of Christianity in the 21st century. Urban communities are rarely static, but dynamic and changing in ethnicity, social class, and other characteristics. Churches in urban communities must learn to adapt and adjust to the changing culture of the communities around them in order to survive and to thrive with a vital witness to those communities.

REQUIRED COURSES (excluding prerequisites)


Select four of the following courses:

MAGL 5321 - Sharing Gospel Faith

MAGL 5326 - Urban Community Development

MAGL 5333 - Local Church on Mission

MAGL 5344 - Strategies for Urban Ministries

MAGL 6312 - The Urban Church in Transition

MAGL 6313 - Developing Neighborhood Churches in Urban Settings

MAGL 6322 - Transformational Church Life


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