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Doctoral Extended Leave

Students must maintain continuous enrollment in the summer, fall, and spring semesters each year of the program through the defense of the final dissertation. A leave of absence for a period of time no longer than one calendar year may be granted due to medical necessity or other compelling circumstances beyond the student’s control. A student requesting a leave of absence must complete the Request for Leave of Absence Form indicating specific details for the request. Leaves of absence must be approved by the EDD or PHD Program Director. Students who have received approval for a Leave of Absence are not required to maintain continuous enrollment for the time specified in the absence approval. A leave of absence is not to be used as a method of avoiding continuous registration requirements. A leave of absence does not stop the clock or extend the deadline on the seven-year time limit for completing the doctoral program. It is the student’s responsibility to confirm any disposition changes related to financial aid, including student loan repayments.