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Grading for Doctoral Programs

Each professor determines the requirements and method of evaluating students in their courses. Students must earn a “C-” or higher in every course or seminar. While a student may earn a “C-” or better in all courses or seminars, all work in the doctoral program must meet program standards. All comp remediation and continuous enrollment courses will receive a credit (CR) or no credit (NC) grade. A student will receive a letter grade once successfully defending the proposal/prospectus and the dissertation. Students are required, to maintain a grade point average of 3.25 in order to qualify for comprehensive examination. This provision applies to all courses taken as well as to all repeated courses.

According to DBU policy, students may access final grades online through the Self-Service System. Program faculty will not, in accordance with FERPA policies, provide grade information to students via telephone, e-mail, posting, or any other source that may compromise student confidentiality.