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Independent Study/Research Courses 

This is a non-traditional system of course progress for students who have been admitted to the University. Independent Study/Research Courses are devised by professors to permit students to explore material not offered in regularly scheduled courses or to do guided research on their own in a given discipline. Experimental course numbers (courses with a “9” as the third digit) are to be used in Independent Study/Research courses. Special approval is required from the Provost and Program Director or Dean for a total of more than six (6) hours of Continuous Progress courses, Independent Study/Research courses, or a combination of both.  All necessary conferences are to be scheduled individually between the student and the instructor. The following policies apply to Independent Study/Research courses:

  1. Only students who have been admitted to the University may register for these courses during the regular registration period as published and must complete the course before the end of that semester.

  2. Coursework cannot begin until enrollment is completed and the course fee is paid.

  3. Authorization to take Independent Study/Research courses will not be given except in extenuating circumstances.

  4. The dean of the college involved will approve both the student and the faculty instructor for all Independent Study/Research courses.

In order to register for an Independent Study/Research course, an Independent Study/Research Form must be completed, and the form must state the definite plan for accomplishment of the course objective. The plan must include the course syllabus and work schedule. After this form has been completed by the instructor and signed by the student and instructor, it is then submitted by the student for approval to the dean of the college in which the course will be taught. Upon final approval by the dean of the college, regular registration procedures are followed.