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Program Requirements

Upon acceptance into a graduate program, a degree plan will be prepared by the Academic or Program Director for review by the student. In some instances, prerequisite requirements may be waived based on previous coursework, or additional courses may be required based on deficiencies. Courses cannot be waived for credit earned through correspondence, CLEP, or life and work experience. Students cannot receive credit for cross-listed courses already completed at the undergraduate level and doctoral students cannot receive credit for cross-listed courses already completed at the master’s level. In situations where repeated courses are required, substitutions will be allowed by the appropriate Academic or Program Director and Dean. The Academic or Program Director will file an official degree plan with the Registrar’s Office. Refer to specific degree programs for detailed information on course waivers. In no case will waivers reduce the 36-hour minimum doctoral-level residency requirement.

Doctoral students changing degree programs may transfer only 12 hours of applicable doctoral courses to DBU’s PHD or EDD programs.

Although academic advisors, program directors, and coordinators strive to advise students as accurately as possible, the student bears ultimate responsibility for fulfilling all requirements for graduation, certification, and/or licensure.