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Certificate in Lay Leadership for Education or Sports Ministries

(18 hours – excluding prerequisites)

This program is designed to provide academic training for lay leaders of the contemporary church. The curriculum is intended to enhance the quality of their servant leadership by broadening their knowledge of the key elements of church ministries. 


Study the premises of various world and life views that are distinctly different from the Christian perspective. Become familiar with multimedia software programs commonly used by churches and ministries. Learn organizational methods used in the administration of churches and various types of ministries. Develop the competencies to function creatively with the professional staff and with church members.

REQUIRED COURSES (excluding prerequisites)


CHST 3309 - Spiritual Formation for Christian Ministry*

CHST 4301 - Teaching Ministry of the Church*

CHST 4302 - Practicum in Christian Studies

RELI 3374 - The Christian Worldview

Select a concentration listed below to complete the 18 credit-hour program (excluding prerequisites).

Education Ministries (Choose two courses)

CHST 4306 - Children's Ministry in the Church

CHST 4307 - Youth Ministry in the Church

CHST 4308 - Adult Ministry in the Church

Sports Ministries (Choose a minimum of 6 hours)

KNES 2305 - Coaching Today's Athlete (S-L)

KNES 3301 - Sports Ethics

KNES 3310 - Recreation Leadership

KNES 4302 - Organization of Administration of Kinesiology and Athletic Programs

*Refer to individual course descriptions for course requisites.

(S-L)=Course(s) with field-based service-learning component.


Find course descriptions by category under the Undergraduate Course Descriptions section in the navigation panel.