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Minor in Intercultural Studies (Missions)


The minor in Intercultural Studies (Missions) is designed for students who desire to serve both nationally and internationally, through missions, relief, and/or development work. The Intercultural Studies (Missions) minor is designed to provide students with an understanding of the basic elements characteristic of any culture or subculture and to equip those students to work and minister effectively within various cultural contexts.

The Intercultural Studies (Missions) Program is designed to prepare students to understand, analyze, and work in different cultural settings from both social and Christian perspectives. Students learn about community development, social structures, skills needed to facilitate social change, cultural stress, and intercultural relationships.


CHST 3309 - Spiritual Formation for Christian Ministry

INCS 4331 - Cross-Cultural Living and Ministry

INCS 4340 - Integrating Faith and Culture

INCS 4341 - Global Christianity

RELI 2304 - Christian Doctrine

RELI 3305 - Principles of Biblical Interpretation

Minimum GPA Required for Graduation from Dallas Baptist University: DBU requires a minimum institutional cumulative, major, and minor GPA of 2.0.

Refer to individual course descriptions for course requisites.


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