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Early Childhood Education

ECHE 4360 (3-3-0) Foundations for Early Childhood Education

(ECHE 5360)

This course surveys currently respected theories for educating the young child, along with their practical applications. Curriculum and materials will be examined and evaluated as related to state standards and a developmentally appropriate approach to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). Observations in local schools are required.

Requisites: None.

Offered: Fall, Spring.

Educational Psychology

EDEP 3301 (3-3-0) Educational Psychology

(PSYC 3301)

A study of the salient points of the discipline known as educational psychology. The course focuses on the cognitive, moral, and social development of children, giving particular attention to children with learning differences and exceptionalities. Students will analyze the behavioral and cognitive views of learning and study theories pertinent to instructing, managing, and motivating children.

Requisites: None.

Offered: Periodically.

English as a Second Language

ESLS 4304 (3-3-0) Methods in Teaching ESL

(ESLS 5304)

Students will explore the primary approaches and methods for teaching ESL as well as social and cultural factors that influence ESL students' learning. Students will develop teaching strategies for promoting ESL students' reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills as well as facilitating comprehension and critical thinking in content areas. Emphasis will be placed especially on a communicative approach. Students will analyze, select, and modify materials to facilitate learning in ESL students with diverse characteristics and needs. Students will consider published materials and campus, Internet, and community resources that can enhance instruction.

Requisites: None.

Offered: Fall, Spring, Online.