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Department of Communication


The communication major is designed to enable the student to develop the skills necessary for effective communication in a technological world, including the following:

BA/BS in Communication: Broadcast/Digital Media

BA/BS in Communication: Church Media

BA/BS in Communication: Communication Studies

BA/BS in Communication: Graphic Design

BA/BS in Communication: Public Relations

Educational Goals

To enable students to:

• Gain a sound background in the major areas of broadcast/digital media, church media, communication studies, graphic design, and public relations.

• Develop a variety of skills upon which to build a professional career in the field of communications.

• Gain practical experience and proficiencies in several areas of the communication field.

Ministry Goals

To enable students to:

• Be prepared to serve as servant leaders and communication specialists in the church.

• Be prepared to serve effectively as servant leaders and communicate the "good news" of Christ.

Spiritual Goals

To enable students to:

• Develop ways to accomplish creative communication with God and with others.

• Understand self as a communicating, relational creation.


See information about the Communication minor here.