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Cybersecurity (BS)

The Cybersecurity Program is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills of computer security, including theory, tools, and best practices. It seeks to prepare the student for careers in many areas of cybersecurity work including cyber analytics, penetration testing, network security, digital forensics, and cybersecurity operations and management careers.

Mission Statement

The Computer Science Department of Dallas Baptist University is committed to providing a high-quality education that stresses excellence in work performance, scholarship, ethical application of knowledge, and logical and practical skills for dealing with a society that is dependent upon constantly changing computer-related technology. This will be accomplished within a Christian environment that provides a spiritual foundation.

Goals of the Cybersecurity Major

The Cybersecurity program seeks to:

  1. Identify and apply theories and processes related to information security, assurance, and cybersecurity.

  2. Apply security and cyber defense principles to the planning, implementing, and monitoring of cybersecurity mechanisms to help ensure the protection of information technology assets.

  3. The ability of ethical decision making and professional integrity.

  4. Identify and analyze organizational problems relating to information assurance, security, and its implications on value creation and defense.

A major in Cybersecurity requires a minimum of 32 credit hours in computer science plus 24 credit hours in Cybersecurity. More than the minimum requirements in computer science will be necessary for students wishing to pursue graduate work in a related field. All Cybersecurity majors are required to take MATH 1405, 2301, 3302, and PHYS 1401, 1402.

Expected Educational Results:

  • Employment for graduates in computer-related careers.

  • Graduates pursuing advanced degrees.



credit hours (bS)

Developing A Christian Mind
DCM 2301 - Developing a Christian Mind




ENGL 1301 - Composition and Rhetoric I

ENGL 1302 - Composition and Rhetoric II

ENGL 2301 - World Literature I


ENGL 2302 - World Literature II

Fine Arts
FINE 1306 - Introduction to Fine Arts


Foundations for Excellence


FOUN 1101 - Foundations for Excellence

is required of all first-year and transfer students with fewer than 15 credit hours. (AP, CLEP, IB, or dual/concurrent credit earned while in high school does not count toward these 15 credit hours.)



Choose two:

HIST 1301 - U.S. History to 1865

HIST 1302 - U.S. History Since 1865

HIST 2301 - World Civilization I

HIST 2302 - World Civilization II



KNES 1101 - Fitness for Living

and one additional activity course (KNES 1102-1122); for veterans or those 25 years of age or older prior to enrollment at DBU, KNES courses are waived.

MATH 1405
[Math Advising Tool (eMAT) required prior to registering for any Math class or any class for which the eMAT is a prerequisite.]


Natural Science (1000 or 2000 level courses only)


PHYS 1401 - Physical Science I

PHYS 1402 - Physical Science II

plus 7 hours from Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Geology, or Physical Science



RELI 1301 - Old Testament Survey

RELI 1302 - New Testament Survey


three additional credit hours depending on credit hours transferred at time of initial enrollment

Social Science (1000 or 2000 level courses only)


POLS 2301 - American National Government

and an additional three credit hours may be selected from Economics, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, or Sociology.



Cybersecurity Major


COSC 1302 - Introduction to Computer Science and Programming

COSC 1405 - Foundations of Computer Science I

COSC 1408 - Foundations of Computer Science II

COSC 2306 - Data Structures and Introduction to Algorithms

COSC 2403 - Object-Oriented Analysis and Design

COSC 3301 - Database Management Systems

COSC 3305 - Computer Organization and Architecture

COSC 3306 - Networks and Telecommunication

COSC 3312 - Information Assurance

COSC 3313 - Introduction to Cryptography

COSC 4315 - Network Security

COSC 4316 - Ethical Hacking and System Defense

COSC 4317 - Digital Forensics

COSC 4318 - Software Security

COSC 4308 - Senior Project in Computer Science (S-L)

COSC 4401 - Operating Systems

COSC 4402 - Software Engineering (S-L)

Along with the following course:

MATH 3302 - Discrete Mathematics



Lower or Upper-Level



Total Credit Hours Required


A 120-credit-hour minimum for a bachelor's degree is required, including 42 upper-level credit hours.

Minimum GPA Required for Graduation from Dallas Baptist University: DBU requires a minimum institutional cumulative, major, and minor GPA of 2.0.

(S-L) = Course(s) with field-based service-learning component

Refer to individual course descriptions for course requisites.


Find course descriptions by category under the Undergraduate Course Descriptions section in the navigation panel.