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Pre-Dental and Pre-Medical Programs

The Pre-Dental and Pre-Medical programs are designed to prepare students for entrance to medical and dental schools. Qualified Dallas Baptist University students have been very successful in gaining admission to these schools. Students planning a career in medicine or dentistry should earn a bachelor's degree before beginning professional study. The student may major in any discipline, taking as electives the courses needed to meet entrance requirements of schools of dentistry and medicine. A sound liberal arts education is a common prerequisite for admission to professional schools.

The following courses meet the requirements for entrance to medical and dental schools in Texas:


BIOL 1405 - Modern Concepts in Biology I  

BIOL 1406 - Modern Concepts in Biology II

BIOL 2405 - Human Anatomy and Physiology I  

BIOL 2406 - Human Anatomy and Physiology II  

BIOL 3401 - Biochemistry

BIOL 3404 - Genetics (S-L)  

CHEM 1401 - General Chemistry I

CHEM 1402 - General Chemistry II

CHEM 3402 - Organic Chemistry I

CHEM 3403 - Organic Chemistry II

MATH 1303 - College Algebra (or MATH 1307 or MATH 1405)

MATH 2301 - Elementary Probability and Statistics

PHYS 1401 - General Physics I

PHYS 1402 - General Physics II

Students interested in entering the Pre-Dental or Pre-Medical program should confer with the pre-professional advisor as early as possible for assistance in planning schedules to meet the pre-professional requirements.

(S-L) = Course(s) with field-based service-learning component.

Refer to individual course descriptions for course requisites.


Find course descriptions by category under the Undergraduate Course Descriptions section in the navigation panel.